Monday, 24 May 2010

Brother and my problem with TIME?

The weekend has passed and I had planned to spend some time with my inks, papers and computer but that was knocked on the head. I finally finished clearing out my brother's flat on Friday night so that just left me with some boxes to transport over to my sister in Ellon. On Saturday it was such a lovely day I took him along for the outing and after off-loading the boxes at Ellon we drove over by Oldmeldrum then stopped at Inverurie and had a short stroll along the main street then over to Westhill, Cults and home. Sunday 9am there was a phonecall - his PEJ tube had a hole in it so could I take him to hospital. We sat at the hospital for hours just to be sent home as the consultant only does the op he needs (replacing the whole tube) on a Thursday!!! I finally arrived home at 8pm to cook Sunday dinner.
Therefore I had no time to or even work out the 'how to' upload photos! Maybe tonight?


  1. Oh that's a shame Lorraine...sometimes you just get times like that - the best laid plans and all that!!! Hope you enjoyed your stroll through Inverurie...should have given me a shout and I would have met you for a coffee....hope the rest of the week goes to plan...xox.

  2. Oh that's a shame Lorraine, will he manage until Thursday. Hope you get some time tonight.