Sunday, 6 June 2010

Just because ........

Dancing Maggie

Friday evening I left my other half at the office finishing off an estimate and went home to make dinner and when he arrived home he came in the door hiding a bunch of flowers behind his back.
' What's this in aid of? ' ' Just because....' Bless him! Thing was that the thought ran through my mind that he would bring me home flowers that evening!!!! No reason why!

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Just playing and learning - hopefully

My take on a card I saw on a blog but never took note!!! Sorry. It was around the time I went with my daughters down to Glasgow to see Michael Buble and it somehow reminded me of him so I made it as a thank you card for the girls!!!

This stamp is one that my eldest daughter chose when we were out to Simply Create in Alford on the opening day. She said it reminded her of herself when she was little - I have to agree with her..........
Birthday card for Erika..... who creates beautiful cards ...........
My better half said not black for a birthday card but black is calling to me at the moment!
A couple of others........ just playing around and learning ....... lots of mistakes!